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Rachael, Willow Tree Lessons,November  2017

"Hi,  Toby loved it thank you :)

Looking forward to next week! 

Thanks again"


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Helen, Willow Tree Lessons,November  2017

"Hi Louise,

 As always you were amazing, thank you. Aston was totally at ease, totally fine without me (which I’m over the moon about) & more importantly, he loved it!! You guys just have some magic formula, it’s wonderful."

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Anne, Adult Private Lesson,October  2017

"Good morning Louise, please tell Dawn I really loved the lesson & found 1/2 hour disappeared.  She was very patient & understanding. Looking forward to next class.

Thank you



Cath, Willow Tree Lessons,November  2017

"Jude and I really enjoyed it and felt very welcome- thank you.




"He loved it and was asking to jump in at the end with no floats on😆 I couldn't believe my eyes! And he was chuffed with himself for doing a full length and back too- he took great pride in telling his dad that he swam right to the bottom where it's really deep and back and floating like a star with no floats. I can't get over how he has taken to it. He has gone from screaming when we rinse his hair in the bath to wanting to swim under the water!!! "