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Good morning Louise, please tell Dawn I really loved the lesson & found 1/2 hour disappeared.  She was very patient & understanding. Looking forward to next class.
Thank you

Anne (Adult Private Lesson,October  2017

Hi Louise
I just wanted to say thank you SO much for fitting Finlay in with Sophie – he really enjoyed his intensive week of diving – and he made MASSES of progress! He’s definitely got over his fear of diving in – which was holding him back at swimming.
With many thanks.
Moira, July Summer Diving Intensive 2017
Hi Louise,
Thank you and your team for teaching Louis! It’s been a great foundation for him.
Lucy, July 2017

Again thank you to you all for  teaching our children a life saving skill.

Kind regards,
Barry, July 2017

That’s great Louise, thank you. Both children have made amazing progress with Harrogate School of Swimming, we are really pleased.

Kind regards,
Tracy, July 2017

We would like to thank you and all your staff for everything you have done, she has loved learning to swim with you and your team. Charlotte is a confident and safe swimmer and she has loved her time with Harrogate School of Swimming.

Kind regards,
Sarah, Simon and Charlotte, July 2017

Thanks to you and your staff for the amazing, consistent and passionate teaching you have provided The Porter Brothers over the last 11 years!


 Lucy, July 2017

Hi Louise
I also wanted to say how impressed I have been with Harrogate School of
Swimming. Considering I have only had six lessons/3 hours tuition in total
and couldn’t swim with my face in the water when I started, my breast
stroke technique and confidence have improved amazingly. 

Kaye, June 2017

I just wanted to say that we’re really pleased with Chris. He brings some more fun to the class which I feel that Samuel has appreciated. 

Michelle, June 2017 (Academy Lessons)

Hi Louise,
I just wanted to email you to say how pleased I am with the progress Annabelle is making in her swimming lessons. I really can’t praise Kim enough. Annabelle really lacked in confidence in the water and I questioned whether to continue her lessons as she was staring to get upset about the thought of going swimming but I am so glad I carried on. She is like a different girl now and her confidence has just grown so much and she absolutely beams throughout her lessons now. Kim knows each of the children so well in Annabelles class and knows exactly what they are capable of, so they get that one step better each week, whilst gaining trust and confidence,  so I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Kim for your amazing work.

Gemma, June 2017 (Academy Lessons)

Swimming lessons are going really well. My terrified 2 year old is no longer terrified and making great progress after only 3 lessons.

Best wishes,

Liz, March 2017 (Academy/Parent & Child Class)

Hi Louise

Patrick loved his lesson, he wanted to go again last night!

Girls are looking forward to their lessons tomorrow

Kate,  March 2017

Hi Louise

The girls are missing Harrogate School of Swimming! . Unfortunately I tried to make circumstances a bit easier for myself due to an increased work load but this has been at detriment to the children. Your school and teachers are wonderful and I have noticed such a difference in the quality of teaching they are currently receiving. I really hope that you have some spaces available for them to come back to you.

Many Thanks

Gemma, March 2017

Riley is still really enjoying his swimming lessons and I feel he is progressing well. He loves Nicola and I think she will always be his favourite as she was his very first teacher when he started at willow tree, but he is always happy and confident to get in no matter which teacher is there, which is a testament to your great team.

Thank you,

Emma, Janaury 2017

Hi Louise,

Eleanor loved it thank you! She can’t wait for next week.

Very impressed with the set up and organisation too.

Thank you,

Hayley, Janaury 2017

I just wanted to thank the whole team for their hard work this year. My daughter Alice looks forward to going swimming and it is great that she can be taught by people who are always happy, enthusiastic & patient and are dedicated to getting the best out of our children. I hope you know how much we all appreciate you.
Keep up the good work

Elizabeth, December 2016

Hi Louise,

Thank you so much for offering to swop Eva and Max’s swimming lessons, however after discussing it with them, Max was absolutely adamant that he wants to stay in Nicola’s class. Therefore please could we keep our current arrangement for the time being.

This really is a testament to Nicola, Max absolutely adores her, it’s a pleasure to sit on the sides and watch him having so much fun and learning lots at the same time!!

Kind regards,

Laura, November 2016

We would like to renew for Jackson Webber please and also I would like to say how impressed we are with his tuition by Nicola and how well he has developed with Harrogate School of Swimming. Thanks so much

Angela, November 2016

Hello Louise

It was my final swim lesson tonight as I have achieved, under the tuition of James and Dawn, my personal goals.

I would without hesitation recommend sessions to friends and colleagues.

Many thanks

Karen, September 2016

Hi Louise,

I just wanted to email to say that Saffy’s swimming session with Nicola this morning was a revelation!

I had been told at her precious swim school that she struggled to do 10 metres on her back. So this morning Nicola asked them to swim 20 m on front and back. ..and she did it so easily we couldn’t believe it!

Thought it was great how you focus on technique with them. Nicola definitely held Saffy’s attention brilliantly …which is no mean feat!!!

Just goes to show how the right environment brings out the best in a child. Saffy loved the lesson and Nicola seemed to think it was the right class for her. So if she says it’s OK, we would like to go ahead and book her in.

I am so pleased we took the decision to move Saffy!

Many thanks

September 2016

Firstly I just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome my 2 children got on their first visit to your swimming class Saturday just passed. I really enjoyed watching my kids and was so impressed in how you boosted Sam’s confidence. He told me afterwards that his heart was going really fast when he was asked to jump in at the end. It was the jumping into the diving pool that really knocked his confidence so it was great to see him with a smile on his face at the end.

Nick Lamming April 2016

My little boy Jacob had his first lesson today at 2pm and I really had to email to say a huge thank you.
He was totally panicked when he first entered the water and started crying and calling out for me! Not what I wanted but then his teacher, Jess, said he could hold on “like a monkey” and she then proceeded to to build his confidence at the same time as giving equal attention to the other students. In 20 minutes he had gone from being scared to jumping in, timidly, but still he jumped in.
I also got to watch some of the other teaching and I was so impressed.

Samantha April 2016

Hi Louise

The Easter Intensive course was really fantastic, my three have come on leaps and bounds. I’d like to keep up the momentum and move to weekly lessons.

Many thanks
Sarah Crump April Easter Intenesive 2016

Hi Louise,
Just a quick note to say thank you for providing Ross with a great introduction to swimming. He started the week frowning and crying and ended up smiling and loving it. The instructors were really good, being able to adapt their approach very quickly to suit Ross’s needs.

Many thanks

Dr Jonathan Muir April Easter Intenesive 2016

Hi Louise,
Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I was with my swimming lessons, Al was fantastic, and I shall be recommending him to lots of people.
The rest of the team were very friendly as well, it’s all down to me now to put the time in the pool, but if I feel I need some more lessons I know where to come.

Many thanks
Nick Fowler (Adult Lessons Wednesday @ Harrogate Ladies College) January 2016

A little feedback – Josh now loves going to his swimming class and the girls (he says they explain things in much more detailed way), I’ve also noticed his swimming has come on massively in the 3 lessons which is fantastic!

Nick (Academy Lessons), Janaury 2016

I wanted to drop a quick line to say what can only be described as a phenomenal job by your team.

As we have previously talked Jess has only just turned 3, and whilst her confidence in the water is fantastic, her security & confidence with others is not at where I initially thought it could be.

Ella & James have been fantastic in working on her interaction, not just them but Nicola, & Michelle, take time to interact with her.

I spoke to James post her Saturday session that if she impedes learning for other members of the group to let us know immediately.

Awesome job, is what I entitled the email and it is the term where I finish this email

Once again thank you

PS Max is really enjoying his time with Michelle also

Lee & Laura, Janaury 2016

Hi Louise,

Thank you for checking-in and yes, she had a great time. James was really lovely and she’s already looking forward to next week!

Faye, Janaury 2016

Thanks Louise. Nel had a fantastic lesson. We were really impressed with the classes. I can honestly say it was the best swimming lesson Nel has had and Paul and I saw her progress even within the 30 minutes with Megan, she is fabulous – so engaging.
Really appreciate your email.
Best regards.

Lou, Janaury 2016

Thanks Louise,

I really enjoyed the session – Tash was an excellent teacher and made me feel really comfortable, despite initial nerves! I’m looking forward to
my next lesson already.

Kaye, Janaury 2016

I would like to add I think your teachers are the best I’ve ever come across. George is a shy boy who inwardly revels in praise and enthusiasm and all your teachers have it in bucket ‘s current teachers name, but she is amazing. Her encouragement is the reason he delivers his significant swimming ability. So please pass on my thanks and praise to your staff. If you ever need a reference don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ian, September 2015

Thank you so much for helping Emily gain confidence in her swimming. We are pleased with how she has developed so a big thank you to Harrogate School of swimming. Wish we had found you a lot earlier than we did!

Suzanne, July 2015

Thanks for checking in! Crosby and I had a wonderful first lesson today, Kim is an excellent teacher. We are really looking forward to the next lesson!Thanks so much,
Kelsey, June 2015
Holly loved it thanks so much. I was really happy seeing her back in water enjoying herself and was very impressed with everything.
Vicki, June 2015


Lisa was fantastic – I was so impressed by the whole set up especially the personal care and attention. We got there a little bit early and both boys were desperate to get in the water just from watching the other children having fun.

Freddie was smiling throughout the lesson and as soon as he got out he was so pleased with how he had done and looking forward to next week.

My main concern was that he wouldn’t get in the water and that it would be a battle to get him to go back – no problem there at all!!

Thank you for your email I’ll read it to Freddie in the morning. Leo was just as excited, I was surprised by how confident he was in the water.

Gillian, June 2015


Thanks Louise! And of course we would like to renew – we are thrilled with how much progress they have made and even the children have stopped complaining about having to swim lengths instead of widths now!


Jane, Summer term Renewals 2015

Hi Louise

Josh loved his lesson with James. It was brilliant to have the helpers there I really think it made a difference.

Beth absolutely loved her diving lesson and can’t wait to get there tomorrow.


Sally, February Half Term Intensives 2015

Hi Louise

Lovely to meet you this morning.

I think you know that Evie loves swimming for Kim – but it was lovely to see Harry enjoying himself and doing so well in his class today. He promptly told me when he had got changed that ‘I enjoyed today and I’d like to do it again’ !!

Richard, February Half Term Intensives 2015

Hi Louise

Jake and Robyn loved their session this morning. James was really good wit

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