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Hello Louise

It was my final swim lesson tonight as I have achieved, under the tuition of James and Dawn, my personal goals.

I would without hesitation recommend sessions to friends and colleagues.

Many thanks

Karen, September 2016

Hi Louise,

I just wanted to email to say that Saffy’s swimming session with Nicola this morning was a revelation!

I had been told at her precious swim school that she struggled to do 10 metres on her back. So this morning Nicola asked them to swim 20 m on front and back. ..and she did it so easily we couldn’t believe it!

Thought it was great how you focus on technique with them. Nicola definitely held Saffy’s attention brilliantly …which is no mean feat!!!

Just goes to show how the right environment brings out the best in a child. Saffy loved the lesson and Nicola seemed to think it was the right class for her. So if she says it’s OK, we would like to go ahead and book her in.

I am so pleased we took the decision to move Saffy!

Many thanks

September 2016

Firstly I just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome my 2 children got on their first visit to your swimming class Saturday just passed. I really enjoyed watching my kids and was so impressed in how you boosted Sam’s confidence. He told me afterwards that his heart was going really fast when he was asked to jump in at the end. It was the jumping into the diving pool that really knocked his confidence so it was great to see him with a smile on his face at the end.

Nick Lamming April 2016

My little boy Jacob had his first lesson today at 2pm and I really had to email to say a huge thank you.
He was totally panicked when he first entered the water and started crying and calling out for me! Not what I wanted but then his teacher, Jess, said he could hold on “like a monkey” and she then proceeded to to build his confidence at the same time as giving equal attention to the other students. In 20 minutes he had gone from being scared to jumping in, timidly, but still he jumped in.
I also got to watch some of the other teaching and I was so impressed.

Samantha April 2016

Hi Louise

The Easter Intensive course was really fantastic, my three have come on leaps and bounds. I’d like to keep up the momentum and move to weekly lessons.

Many thanks
Sarah Crump April Easter Intenesive 2016

Hi Louise,
Just a quick note to say thank you for providing Ross with a great introduction to swimming. He started the week frowning and crying and ended up smiling and loving it. The instructors were really good, being able to adapt their approach very quickly to suit Ross’s needs.

Many thanks

Dr Jonathan Muir April Easter Intenesive 2016

Hi Louise,
Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I was with my swimming lessons, Al was fantastic, and I shall be recommending him to lots of people.
The rest of the team were very friendly as well, it’s all down to me now to put the time in the pool, but if I feel I need some more lessons I know where to come.

Many thanks
Nick Fowler (Adult Lessons Wednesday @ Harrogate Ladies College) January 2016

A little feedback – Josh now loves going to his swimming class and the girls (he says they explain things in much more detailed way), I’ve also noticed his swimming has come on massively in the 3 lessons which is fantastic!

Nick (Academy Lessons), Janaury 2016

I wanted to drop a quick line to say what can only be described as a phenomenal job by your team.

As we have previously talked Jess has only just turned 3, and whilst her confidence in the water is fantastic, her security & confidence with others is not at where I initially thought it could be.

Ella & James have been fantastic in working on her interaction, not just them but Nicola, & Michelle, take time to interact with her.

I spoke to James post her Saturday session that if she impedes learning for other members of the group to let us know immediately.

Awesome job, is what I entitled the email and it is the term where I finish this email

Once again thank you

PS Max is really enjoying his time with Michelle also

Lee & Laura, Janaury 2016

Hi Louise,

Thank you for checking-in and yes, she had a great time. James was really lovely and she’s already looking forward to next week!

Faye, Janaury 2016

Thanks Louise. Nel had a fantastic lesson. We were really impressed with the classes. I can honestly say it was the best swimming lesson Nel has had and Paul and I saw her progress even within the 30 minutes with Megan, she is fabulous – so engaging.
Really appreciate your email.
Best regards.

Lou, Janaury 2016

Thanks Louise,

I really enjoyed the session – Tash was an excellent teacher and made me feel really comfortable, despite initial nerves! I’m looking forward to
my next lesson already.

Kaye, Janaury 2016

I would like to add I think your teachers are the best I’ve ever come across. George is a shy boy who inwardly revels in praise and enthusiasm and all your teachers have it in bucket ‘s current teachers name, but she is amazing. Her encouragement is the reason he delivers his significant swimming ability. So please pass on my thanks and praise to your staff. If you ever need a reference don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ian, September 2015

Thank you so much for helping Emily gain confidence in her swimming. We are pleased with how she has developed so a big thank you to Harrogate School of swimming. Wish we had found you a lot earlier than we did!

Suzanne, July 2015

Thanks for checking in! Crosby and I had a wonderful first lesson today, Kim is an excellent teacher. We are really looking forward to the next lesson!Thanks so much,
Kelsey, June 2015
Holly loved it thanks so much. I was really happy seeing her back in water enjoying herself and was very impressed with everything.
Vicki, June 2015


Lisa was fantastic – I was so impressed by the whole set up especially the personal care and attention. We got there a little bit early and both boys were desperate to get in the water just from watching the other children having fun.

Freddie was smiling throughout the lesson and as soon as he got out he was so pleased with how he had done and looking forward to next week.

My main concern was that he wouldn’t get in the water and that it would be a battle to get him to go back – no problem there at all!!

Thank you for your email I’ll read it to Freddie in the morning. Leo was just as excited, I was surprised by how confident he was in the water.

Gillian, June 2015


Thanks Louise! And of course we would like to renew – we are thrilled with how much progress they have made and even the children have stopped complaining about having to swim lengths instead of widths now!


Jane, Summer term Renewals 2015

Hi Louise

Josh loved his lesson with James. It was brilliant to have the helpers there I really think it made a difference.

Beth absolutely loved her diving lesson and can’t wait to get there tomorrow.


Sally, February Half Term Intensives 2015

Hi Louise

Lovely to meet you this morning.

I think you know that Evie loves swimming for Kim – but it was lovely to see Harry enjoying himself and doing so well in his class today. He promptly told me when he had got changed that ‘I enjoyed today and I’d like to do it again’ !!

Richard, February Half Term Intensives 2015

Hi Louise

Jake and Robyn loved their session this morning. James was really good with them and was nicely supported by the 2 girls too. It’s lovely how it was all imagination based blowing bubbles to power the spaceship and scooping chocolate ice-cream. They can’t wait to go back!

Anna, February Half Term Intensives 2015

So pleased I have made the move to Harrogate School of Swimming – all three children have come on leaps and bounds after stagnating in their old classes. Seth had his 5m badge and Level 2, was told that he would be staying in his old group because he wasn’t concentrating (and he was really going to concentrate by learning nothing new for another term) – after one term with his new class he’s swum 15m and has attained Level 4. Jack had his 10m badge at the old class and is now swimming 50m Martha is doing really well too. Thank you Louise and all the other teachers!

Jane, November 2014

Hi Louise
Luke has been showing everybody his certificate he’s really proud of himself so glad we found you ! I’m still amazed how his confidence has grown in one half hour session.

Lucie, November 2014

Comments from Mumbler – Louise Aikman Owner of Harrogate School of Swimming

She amazes me in how much she does. She runs harrogate school of swimming, the effort she puts in to make sure everyone is happy is outstanding. Her biggest credit her beautiful 2 children who help her with the classes.
Owner of harrogate school of swimming. She is fab always smiling always accomodating.

My children really enjoyed the holiday swimming course, Louise’s organisation and enthusiasm were great. She’s the best hands down

Fantastic swimming lessons child and mum friendly

Great swimming classes and successful in v competitive area. Listens and wants feedback.

Louise is a wonderful teacher. She is so patient with the children and is very focused on ensuring that they are relaxed and have fun whilst being taught how to swim. She runs a great swimming school.

Excellent service and communication

Louise is an excellent swimming instructor who provides interactive and fun classes, my little girl loved them

She works tirelessly to arrange swimming lessons and envolves her whole family. Louise has done a fantastic job growing the school but keeping it focused on the individual needs of the children in a friendly, professional and safe environment.

Because every child matters to her regardless of ability and she is dedicated to ensuring your children are confident and enjoying themselves.

Louise is so dedicated and encouraging to all.

important to have a good teacher for such a life skill

Hard working. Does a great job.

Louise’s swim school goes from strength to strength. She runs a tight ship, employs only the very best swim teachers and her results are incredible. From tiny tots to adult learners,

Louise’s school teaches them all. Her energy and enthusiasm is second to none and the children (and parents!) love her.

Louise is friendly, organised and excellent at swimming tuition. Both of my girls have loved their lessons in her sensibly sized classes – with three other children providing just enough competition without leaving them hanging onto the side for extended periods of time.

Louise is an inspirational woman. She is so hard working and runs the most fantastic swimming school which is extremely professionally and she exudes friendliness. Nothing is too much trouble & she provides an unrivalled service
The children learn in a fun environment – Louise is very organised and efficient

Louise is a hard working mum. She helps children gain confidence, enabling them to achieve their goal giving them lots of praise & encouragement.

Well done Louise you are a great role model to your own children.

November 2014 (Mumbler 2014 Finalist for Mumpreuneur Award)


Hi Louise, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful intensive swimming course. The girls have both thoroughly enjoyed it and the first thing Daisy said afterwards today was can I book them in next summer too! I have been very impressed with their progress, particularly Gemma’s and I had no idea she was capable of what she has achieved this week. I am amazed and over the moon to see her improvement. I would not hesitate to take a place with Harrogate School of Swimming

Lisa, July 2014 (Summer Intensive Week)

Hi Louise, I just wanted to say thank you for swapping Archie into the Saturday class and for the way you teach them in the lessons- it’s so lovely to watch them all have so much fun with you- both me & my husband said on Saturday how great it is to see how much Archie’s confidence has grown in such a short space of time! I’m looking forward to taking him over the summer!
Lisa, July 2014
I just wanted to feedback on Freddie’s lesson today – it was absolutely great. We were so impressed with the teacher Nicola. She quickly assessed Freddie’s level and he made such progress in the lesson. He was made to feel so at ease as well, and she was great fun.
Jenny, July 2014
Josh and I loved our Parent/Child class today. Nicola is fantastic with the children (and parents!) and are looking forward to next week.
Sally, April 2014
Thanks so much my eldest Charlie has totally enjoyed the lessons . I think the structure and quality of the training you give is really good
Sara Pugh, April (Easter Intenisve) 2014
Thank you for a fantastic week for both our boys. I have been very impressed with how professional all the instructors are. We would love to continue with lessons for Henry and James. Please let us know the availability and definitely book us in for the first summer camp we may be away at the end of August.
many thanks
Nicola, April (Easter Intenisve) 2014
Hi Louise
Just wanted to say a thank you again to you all for Ollie’s classes this week, he said this morning “I want swimming lessons everyday” he’s absolutely loving it!
Debbie, April (Easter Intenisve) 2014
Hi Louise, My wife, Laura took Max yesterday, we both can’t believe how well Max is developing, but more importantly how much “we are all” enjoying it !!If anyone was to doubt or question the value/ approach to swimming your company offers, please do not hesitate to use us as a reference Thank you
Lee & Laura Fletcher, January 2014
Oliver loved his lesson and Kim and her helper were fantastic with him. He was chatting about his lesson afterwards, asking when he could go back. He progressed more in that one lesson than he did for the whole block when I was in the water with him
Many thanks
Carol-Ann, October 2013
Hi Louise We got back to London this afternoon and the children have been raving about their success and teacher, Nicola. Thanks so much – a really friendly, professional school – you’ve done FAB!!! x x
Clare , July (Summer Intensive Week)2013
Thank you for accommodating Charlie into this week’s intensive course – he loved it! Massive thanks to Andy for his enthusiasm, and the clear and structured way in which he set out what each drill was trying to achieve. Having had two older boys go through swimming lessons elsewhere and into competitive swimming and diving it is so refreshing to see very young children being taught from the start with the emphasis on good efficient technique. There were times with the others where I felt that they learnt how to swim properly in spite of the lessons rather than because of them – not so here!Charlie is missing his Andy fix so much
Many thanks
Katherine, April (Easter Intensive Week)2013
Hi Louise, Thank you, Frazer absolutely loved it. It was great to actually watch him swimming as opposed to watching him waiting for his turn!
Michelle seemed lovely and I think Frazer really liked her – so all in all a big hit so far.
Thanks very much
Rebecca, April 2013
Tom & George said it was the best swimming ever!!! They are looking forward to next week
Sarah, April 2013
Hi Louise, It was great to meet you too. Charlie loved his first lesson with Mike, he keeps asking what day it is, as he wants it to be Thursday again so he can go swimming! See you on Thursday.
Katie, April 2013
Awww Louise they absolutely LOVED their lessons. Especially Freddie, he was saying it was ‘amazing’ – especially getting to dive in off the blocks. And Georgina was thrilled that she swam up to the deep end and floated.
Emma, April 2013
Hi Louise,
I’ve been surprised by the progress Maisie has made in her lessons this week and am really pleased
Jackie, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
Aww… I nearly shed a tear. Jessie had been a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing to be honest but once I get her there and she’s in the water she loves it. I don’t know where you found Andy but he is amazing! He is so good for her. I love it when he makes her go back and try again if she’s rushing. This is exactly what she needs. She’ll just try and be first otherwise and forget the technique. Michael’s teacher Nicola is perfect for him. He needs a ‘motherly’ approach and is less confident then Jessie – and she is so lovely and encouraging with him. The best thing wad at tea tonight when he said ‘ mummy – I want to go to swimming lessons till I can do 100 lengths its so much fun’!
Anna, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
I just wanted to thank you for this week. Despite Ella’s age she made excellent progress. I was extremely impressed with Elestren’s instructor, Debbie, who displayed great empathy in encouraging the whole group to progress.
Kirsten, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
Thank you (and all your staff) for a wonderful week of swimming lessons.
Half an hour has never gone by so quickly and the boys’ confidence has just soared.
This afternoon we are off to the fun session at Starbeck pool (with two friends in tow). Clearly swimming just once a day is not enough!!
Corrie, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
All 3 of mine did the intensives and they have come on amazingly!
Well done Louise Aikman
Anna, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
Just wanted to recommend Louise and her team at harrogate school of swimming. We took our little man who is 4 to a set of intensive classes last week and he loved them! They were his first lessons he’s done and is almost swimming without his armbands after only 5 of them, we are super proud parents!
Vicky, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
My son did the intensive week & goes to lessons, the teachers are so good with them & you see improvements every time
Melanie, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
Hi Louise – we are all very much enjoying the swimming lessons. The teachers are fabulous with both Jessie and Michael – I am very impressed! Very different from previous swimming lesson experience!
Anna, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
Hi Louise,
Thank you for fitting in these intensive classes he has had nothing but great things to say about the swimming lessons. We will be highly recommending your team!
Vicky, April (Easter Intensive Week) 2013
My daughter swims with Harrogate School of Swimming on Thurs eve at Ashville with Andy…he is great. The 4 little girls in his group (age6) were all learning to do racing dives this week! Fab!
Louise, February 2013
Hi Louise
I would just like to say how pleased I am with Harrogate School of swimming, my son aged 4 who has only been going since Early Jan ( he wasn’t a confident boy in the water before then) has just swam his first stokes on his own with no aids today, a Massive achievement from where he has come from, I can’t recommend them enough it is well worth that little bit of extra money, the staff are so good with the children. Thank you Harrogate school of swimming, he has a HUGE smile on his face tonight so proud of himself
Melanie, February 2013
Hi Louise
MSG from jake he thinks Kim’s best thing since slice bread , there only two things now that jake enjoys and that Kim’s lesson on a Thursday and football on a sat morning
Many thanks
Emma, February 2013
Hi Louise,
We both really enjoyed the class, thank you. What we both really liked was the speed that you moved through the different activities & the number of them that we did. We didn’t do anything for too long & there was no hanging around. We’ve both done a number of baby swimming classes with our other children & thought yours was great. Thank you.
Many thanks
Helen, January 2013 (Parent /Child Class @ Willow Tree on Mondays)
Hi Louise,
I absolutely loved your class today and so did Joe. I thought the variety of things we did and the quick pace of the class was perfect. A great balance of being shown what to do and actually doing it.
Considering Joe hasn’t had a swimming lesson before (I have taken him swimming before) he was really keen to do things.
Thank you for a great lesson
Annette, January 2013 (Parent/Child class @ Willow Tree on Mondays)
Hi Louise – Just to say ‘Thank you’ for a wonderful start to my swimming lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed it – it was sheer luxury to have the pool (almost) to myself. Already looking forward to seeing you next week.
Angela, November 2012 (Adult Swimmer)
Matilda is asking when she is going swimming again, so moving to you obviously did the trick!.
Many thanks,
Julie, September 2012
I just wanted to say thank you to Mike for teaching Freddie in the last 5 days, he has really enjoyed it and is disappointed not to be going tomorrow! His swimming has improved dramatically from being able to do a couple of doggy paddle strokes to being able to manage 5m alone.

Christine, July Intensive 2012

Just to say thanks for another fab term of swimming lessons – Robyn & Dylan are making great progress, Nicola is fab!
Sam, July 2012
I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for William up to this point.

I was so proud of him today when he swam the full width all on his own!!!!

I know he has been trying really hard with his ‘kicking legs’ and his ‘spoon finger reaches’……. but I also know he has been struggling with the multi tasking of doing both at the same time 🙂 it’s a man thing! 🙂

It was so rewarding seeing him accomplish it today and I know that it is a result of your commitment, enthusiasm and guidance.

Thanks ever so much Louise, it is really appreciated.
Phil, July 2012

Just wanted to say how great Andy is…he has moved them on a step and is great fun with them!
Thank you,
Louise, May 2012
Both Ben and Samuel were really pleased. Samuel said he had a brilliant time, and was very proud of not wearing armbands! Ben was very impressed with the teaching. So all in all a fantastic start.
Thank you,
Rachael, April 2012
The girls enjoyed their lessons with Matt very much and both said he was very funny. Thank you for everything you have done so far, the girls seem to be growing so much in confidence and ability and I know that swimming is the highlight of their week.
Julie, April 2012
Many thanks for the lovely welcome back.  Tara had a great time with Nicola and has been boasting to Ben about getting to jump off the board!  She looks forward to her lesson next week!

Martine, April 2012

Ben (age 5) absolutely loved the 3 day intensive and looked forward to going each day…it just wasn’t long enough as he was sad when it ended! He says he loved “all of it”, but especially the shark fin swimming, jumping in and swimming to find underwater treasure. As a Parent observer it was lovely to see him develop his swimming ability over the 3 sessions and the instructors were highly skilled and motivated in encouraging children of all abilities. It was clear that progression was quicker with the lessons for smaller groups.
I would recommend Harrogate School of Swimming to anyone.

Jan, (3 day intensive Easter) April 2012

I am delighted with the progress Alice has made since she joined your swim school

Becky, April 2012

I also just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Freya’s progress. As you know we went to Disney last week, and we went in the pool at the hotel. Freya’s swimming was brilliant! She was so confident and swimming non stop! So thankyou for all your hard work it’s really paying off.

Hester, March 2012

Louise and her team are fantastic my little boy has been going to Harrogate school of swimming for just over a year and the improvement in his swimming has been amazing.

Moy, February 2012

I just wanted to feed back to you how impressed I was today with Lucy’s swimming teacher. Today was the first time I had seen her teach and I thought the standard of the lesson was excellent , so thank you very much.

Ruth, February 2012

I just wanted to feedback that I have 2 very happy children after their first lesson at Harrogate School of Swimming. Charlotte thinks her swimming teacher is the best and Max says how he loves swimming!

Thanks very much.

Alex, January 2012

Harrogate School of Swimming is fantastic. All the teachers are so lovely, and it is brilliant that there are no more than 4 children in each class. The pupils get really good support and attention, and my sons have made fantastic progress over the past year. Well worth the money.

Laura, January 2012

My girls loved their first lesson, they were buzzing when they got home and cannot wait for next week. The setting at Belmont Grosvenor is wonderful and the small classes are great.

Thank you.

Mike, January 2012

I’d entered myself into the ultimate triathalon, an Ironman. With a running and cycling background I was worried about my swimming and inparticular my technicque. Louise’s one to one training allowed me to development my front crawl, and at the same time dispell any nagging doubts I had that I’d fail at the swim part. Louise’s patience, enthusiasm and ability to identify flaws in my stroke were exactly what I required. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to others.’

Thank you.

John, January 2012

Daisy joined Louise’s swimming class when she was just three years old. Daisy was a reluctant swimmer but in no time she really took to it. Louise is very patient, incredibly positive and makes the class’s great fun. The progress has been lovely to watch.

Bridget, July 2011

I think your classes at Harrogate School of Swimming are professional, friendly and the children really develop confidence quickly.

Lesley, May 2011

I don’t know if it’s the added motivation of a new swim school as well as excellent teachers but Ella’s front crawl & breast stroke seem to have improved tremendously to us. She loves her swimming again, too, so a big thank you.

Victoria, May 2011

Louise, just to say how delighted we are with Lulu’s progress this week. Not sure if Michelle mentioned but she swam about 3 strokes or so all on her own without fin!! Great progress was made. Lulu really enjoyed the intensive and we wish it had been for longer!

Denise, July 2011

Thank you so much Luca and Theo really have come on so much with your extra help especially Luca my goodness what a difference a week makes it’s like I’ve got a new more confident boy who actually puts his head in the water. I’ve really enjoyed the whole week and it’s been money well spent.

Julie, July 2011

Just wanted to say Thanks for today. Henry really enjoyed his swimming lesson with you and wanted to know if he was able to have a lesson every day!!!! He thought the shark fins were great and came home believing that he can swim.


Jane, September 2011

I cannot recommend this swim school enough. Louise and her highly professional team, transformed my 6-year-old son (who had previously had a bad experience in water and was frightened of letting go of a woggle) within a couple of lessons and gave him the confidence to leap into the water and learn to swim. The teaching is totally child-centered, with the teachers mainly water-based, and the small class sizes allow each child to progress quickly and at their own pace. Once the children have confidence, they are taught proper stroke technique whilst still enjoying the ‘fun’ aspect of swimming. My 3 year old daughter looks forward to swimming every week, and with the help of excellent swimming aids, such as the hugely popular ‘shark fins’ and ‘soggy teddies’, it is obvious that she will be swimming independently within weeks. I am so glad that I found Harrogate School of Swimming.

Emilie, September, 2011

Harrogate Swimming School has brought my 7-year-old son Luca on so much in just such a short time. Having gone to lots of local run classes getting nowhere fast with full classes and still unable to get his head underwater i then paid a bit more and in just one term my son is confident in the water and puts his head in without being told to and finally enjoys being in the pool. Thank you all so much wish I had only brought him sooner.

Julie, June 2011

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments via e-mail and at class yesterday – it makes such a difference to Ferns confidence! I just wish I had started her swimming with you earlier – we are all so pleased!

Thanks you,

Anita, September 2011

Thomas loved his lesson and can’t wait to come again next week

Thanks you

Sharon, September 2011

Poppy had a great time and really responded well to your way of teaching to the point of saying can we do that again!!

Thank you

Karen, May 2011

We’re delighted with Al and Scarlett continues to come on in leaps and bounds. Al is doing a cracking job and Scarlett is enjoying her lessons.

Thank you

Cleo, May 2011

I have two boys who swim with Louise. They both enjoy the lessons, feeling secure and having fun, with just enough challenges to keep them interested. The classes are small enough for them to get plenty of attention and lots of swimming, not just sitting waiting.

Kate, April 2011

I was so impressed with the intensity of the classes. The teaching methods encourage the children to really concentrate on the their ‘tasks’ given, and because of this my boys have progressed SO MUCH…. and the icing on the cake is that they absolutely love it!!

Lisa, June 2011